Sunday, October 18, 2015

The U.S. Unemployment Rate And Other White Lies

                The U.S. government simply no longer counts as unemployed those who have given up looking for work. Only the government, or Hillary Clinton, former and aspiring government worker, can get away with this kind of chutzpa. So, when it claims, say, a 5.2% unemployment rate, the actual rate may be 10.4%... or more.
                Good gig if one can get it. It now can- and does- dramatically and deliberately misrepresent a key economic performance indicator and doesn’t get called on the carpet for it, isn’t held accountable. This is like being a global warming climatologist/alarmist! Ignore things that do exist and make up things that don’t.

                I’m going to start acting accordingly. I mean, what’s good for the government… is good for the people, right?  So, for example, if my buddy takes out a full case of beer and lays all the cans out individually on the kitchen table and asks me how many cans there are, I may say 10. He’ll likely reply, “What? Are you partially blind, crazy or dumb? Look again! There are 24!” To which I’ll respond, “That doesn’t matter because I stopped counting at 10, therefore there are 10 cans on the table. Don’t question me! By-the-way, do you still have a job? Yes? Give me 30% of your income.”

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