Thursday, October 8, 2015

Jeremy Corbyn, Britain's New Labour Party Leader

                 Britain’s new Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, not only wants to scrap the country’s nuclear arsenal, he is on record as of this past Wednesday as saying he would order the military not to use nuclear weapons if he were prime minister.
                He stated, “I am opposed to the use of nuclear weapons. I am opposed to the holding of nuclear weapons. I want to see a nuclear-free world. I believe it is possible.”
                Ronald Reagan was much more eloquent in commenting on his distaste for nuclear weapons, but he didn’t believe in abject surrender, saying, “trust, but verify.” He dramatically increased the size, pride and capabilities of his country’s military in order to prevent armed conflict.  He was historically successful. Corbyn believes that modern security issues are ones of “irrational acts by individuals.” Like Hitler, Tojo or Stalin perhaps?
                Similarly, I want to see an accident free world, so I’m not going to carry any insurance. When playing poker, I state upfront that if I have any Aces or kings I won’t use them. And I don’t believe in bluffing! (Why do I lose all the time?). Much as cops don’t carry guns because they wish there were no crime, I don’t get flu shots because I wish there was no such thing as the flu. I would also like to see unicorns and mermaids.
                His professed policies would recklessly endanger his own country, so could Corbyn actually be elected prime minister of England?

                Barack Obama is the two-term president of the United States.

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