Monday, October 5, 2015

The Great European Immigration Crisis

                 The ongoing European immigration crisis is painful to watch, the more so as it has been, like most things, largely misunderstood and miss-characterized by European leaders, sympathetic outsiders, American liberals and the Western press. Yes, there are many displaced persons from war-torn Syria among the tidal-wave of human beings attempting to migrate to the continent.  There are many more from other destitute and criminally or incompetently run African states. And yes, the underlying reasons for this “Mother of All Relocation's” are important- indeed a matter of life and death for us all. (More on that in a future post). We can all agree that, in any case, it is a tragedy.
                What is being nearly overlooked, or at least downplayed by most, is the fact that this crisis is the greatest opportunity in modern times for Islamic extremists to obtain their coveted caliphate. And they are making full use of that opportunity. Untold thousands of the immigrants are “sleeper-cell” Jihadists bent on the destruction- and subsequent takeover- of the old Europe. Taking full advantage of the sympathy and tolerance of Western Europe, they will soon overwhelm it.

It is the single greatest Trojan Horse ploy in human history.

Observing Europe now is like watching a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease slowly fade away… all the while knowing that you will likely suffer the same fate. In this case its onset occurs when one starts having difficulty recognizing certain immutable truths that were always obvious before, can’t quite recall some pertinent historical facts and has trouble identifying aggressive behavior in others. As it worsens, one starts questioning everything they thought they knew, doubting one’s very existence even as one allows others to fill this new void in their understanding with bold-faced lies and politically-correct dogma.

Eventually, one completely forgets what and who they were- and why. Europe is slipping into a coma, from which it is unlikely to awake, as the United States, recently bedridden, sees its vigor rapidly draining away.

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