Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Democratic 'Debate': The Fix Is In

                 The Democrats finally had a ‘debate’ last night. Sort of. The three lesser lights would’ve made Elmer Fudd appear dazzling by comparison. I’ve been more excited by hat racks.
                Anderson Cooper, a Clinton Foundation member, moderated/hosted the debate. No problem there. What conflict of interest? He and CNN made it clear before the debate that, unlike what transpired during the Republican debates, they would not be pitting the candidates against each other nor attempt to trip them up by asking them tricky questions such as the names of various world leaders. Also, candidates past statements about each other would not be brought up in an attempt to cause discomfort and rancor.
                This was in stark contrast to the Republican debates on Fox News Channel that illustrated real differences amongst the candidates, most of whom were animated, engaged, passionate and real. Personality and policy differences were often clear and compelling. Megyn Kelly famously went after Donald Trump. And  after him. And after him. Unlike CNN and, worse yet, MSNBC, Fox News really is ‘fair and balanced.’ (It is no wonder polls reveal the network to be America’s most trusted news source).
                Hillary, as per usual, blithely dismissed her scandals. However, this most wooden of people/candidates actually appeared somewhat animated and almost human at times. The curmudgeonly old socialist helped her out by ranting about how sick he was of hearing about the ‘damn’ e-mails, occasioning the front runner to thank him and shake his hand. Yes, Bernie wanted to talk about “the issues.”
                What he really was saying was,” the hell with honesty and character, the hell with fair play and transparency. And the hell with national security! Let’s talk about things that matter!”
                To Democrats, the only ‘issues’ are how much freedom and money they can take away from working people, how many illegal new voters they can import and how easy it is to exterminate babies.
                Ironically, while the Republicans in congress preemptively surrender to their Democratic counterparts, the Republican presidential candidates squabble amongst themselves in a vain attempt to give the people choices.
                The Democrats never jeopardize- nor waiver on- the issues that matter to them.
                The fix is in.

                There is no debate.

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