Sunday, October 23, 2022

Democrat Labels National Right To Life Committee An "Extremist Group"


Nevada Democratic Senator Catherine Cortez Masto labeled the National Right to Life Committee an "extremist group" in a recent campaign ad attacking the group's endorsement of her Republican opponent, Adam Laxalt. The ad brands National Right to Life a "powerful extremist group" because it is urging Congress to pass what the ad terms a "national abortion ban."

In response, the organization issued a statement to TheBlaze in which it said: “National Right to Life does not want babies to die and supports measures to support the lives of mothers and their unborn children. Catherine Cortez Masto is the extremist who wants unlimited abortion even late in pregnancy and paid for by taxpayer dollars.” Just so.

The ad also prompted Nick Freitas, a Republican state representative from Virginia, to tweet: “NRTL is an extremist group? OMG. Were they founded by an unrepentant racist who advocated targeting minority communities with eugenics and abortion!? Oh wait… that was Planned Parenthood.”

Democrats now attack anything and everything that is—or was— an integral part of America. They have altered or erased our history, supported the abasement, destruction and removal of historical figures and their likenesses, cheered on the looting of our cities, demonized Christopher Columbus and our Founders, eviscerated our southern border, and denigrated free markets and capitalism. They sneeringly mock those of us that live in what they call “fly-over country.” They are going after automobiles, the internal combustion engine, the First and Second Amendments to the Constitution, and Christianity.  

And now they are even demeaning motherhood.

Soon they will be telling us that baseball and apple pie are nothing but the diseased products of our heinously bigoted, white, patriarchal society…and must be fundamentally transformed or abolished outright.

Ponder this: Democrats now claim that belief in the right to life and the idea that “all lives matter” are “extremist” positions! Mind-blowing. The Declaration of Independence states that we were endowed by our Creator with the unalienable right to Life, Liberty and Happiness.

Imagine anyone, Democrats included, calling belief in the right to life and the idea that all lives matter “extremist” positions 50 years ago—or more. (Or five years ago, for that matter.) Can you picture JFK uttering such repugnant nonsense? Harry Truman? Rosa Parks? Martin Luther King? Of course not.

Have Republican positions fundamentally changed in the past few years? Not in that regard. Pretty sure most in the GOP believed then as they do now, that there is a right to life and that all lives matter.

For that matter, while the Democratic Party has over the past several decades pivoted from wanting the best for America to wanting to effectively destroy it, most Republicans still basically believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the concept of federalism, somewhat more limited government, somewhat less spending, making sure tax rates aren’t excessively punitive, and defending the country’s sovereignty. And Democrats routinely call the Republicans’ agenda extreme!

Belief in the right to life, that all lives matter (even white ones), and the desire to make America great again are extremist positions?!

Today’s Democrats clearly put the dem in demonic.



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