Thursday, October 6, 2022

Red Wave Or...Tyranny?


The midterm elections of 2022 are just around the proverbial corner. Will the long-predicted “red wave” come to fruition? Based on every piece of evidence, it should. Based on what has transpired over the past two years, it should. If everyone asks themselves, “Am I better off now than I was two years ago,” it damn well should. Logically, it is virtually certain to be the case. However, unfortunately, a significant percentage of the electorate aren’t logical or rational. Ergo, even though many Democrats have revealed themselves to be clinically insane, that has not proven to be a deal breaker to the low information, highly entitled voter. And never underestimate Republicans’ ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of almost certain victory. Or Democrats’ ability to manipulate, project, and gaslight.

These facts led me to ruminate a bit, and here is some of what I noted: every election that Democrats lose is an obvious, a priori instance of fraud, malfeasance, and Russian collusion. (So they claim.) These blatantly stolen elections have tragically and adversely affected the fortunes of Al Gore (think Florida), Hillary Clinton and Stacey Abrams, to name only a few. Oddly enough, conversely, every election they win immediately becomes the new “most secure election in American history,” surpassing the last one in which Democrats prevailed. This duality becomes even more remarkable when one considers that, typically, when Democrats win, it’s in elections that feature the expanded employment of drop-off boxes and vastly more mail-in ballots cast-- and widespread changes to election laws in battleground states. And numerous creditable accounts of chicanery and outright cheating. And expanded hours (or days) for vote counting. Odd how that works. Actually, it’s truly amazing. That they get away with it.

This is in keeping with other remarkable facts and occurrences vis-à-vis their affirmations and accusations. To wit: in order to convince us that Donald Trump colluded with Russians to get elected, they (read Hillary) colluded with Russians. In accusing Trump of being guilty of the “Big Lie” in “baselessly” claiming that there was rampant election fraud in 2020, they themselves are guilty of the “Big Lie.” Moreover, they claim MAGA Republicans are an existential “threat to our democracy,” even as they refuse to protect our southern border, and talk of packing the court, ending the filibuster, and dispensing with the Electoral College. What’s more, they have enacted laws and policies that have caused inflation, homelessness and crime to spike, turned our schools into indoctrination centers, and resulted in an explosion in “excess deaths.” And they are currently pushing for additional laws and policies, which, if not checked and reversed, would soon result in the total destruction of the American economy—and the American family-- leading to destitution and despair. The U.S. would effectively become the world’s largest banana republic. Might that be a “threat to our democracy?”

We are not a pure democracy, thank God. The founders saw to that. Nor were we meant to be a banana republic. We were set up as a representative republic, the better to give the people the most control of-- and power over-- their government. Their limited government. Does it seem to you that we, the people, have control of—and power over— “our” government today? Or does it appear obvious that the “Democrats,” RINOs, Deep State apparatchiks, swamp dwellers, and the elites in the mainstream media, academia, Big Tech, and corporate boardrooms have joined with the U.N. and World Economic Forum (WEF) to silence, cancel or crush anyone who might dare to stand in their way or question their goals?

Thomas Jefferson purportedly once said: “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” In Jefferson’s day, that was considered by most Americans to be conventional wisdom.

If people dare to utter that phrase now, or fly a Gadsden flag, it may well cause the Biden administration to sic the FBI or DOJ on them. Which, inarguably, illustrates the fact that our government, currently led by “Democrats,” is trending towards tyranny.

Red wave? Pray that there is one.


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