Saturday, October 1, 2022

California To Ban Natural Gas Appliances


The hits just keep on coming for residents of the formerly Golden State. Already besieged by high inflation and severe energy shortages, citizens of the erstwhile Land of Milk and Honey will soon face a ban on natural gas (except for Eric Swalwell’s). The California Air Resources Board, or CARB, is planning to rid the state of natural gas heaters, stoves and furnaces. The Hill recently reported that the CARB passed a proposal that will lay the groundwork for phasing out gas-powered space and water heaters, and other such appliances, by 2030. (I guess CARBS really are bad for you.)

But that’s not all. If certain leftists get their way, and they often do, entire kitchens may be outlawed in the future. If this is the case, the first state in the union to ban them will undoubtedly be California.

And families may be abolished, as well. Erin Maglaque recently penned a positively glowing review of Sophie Lewis’s new Communist manifesto screed, Abolish the Family, in which she pleaded, “Let us begin by abolishing our kitchens.” She added, “If we begin by abolishing our kitchens, what else might we get a taste for destroying, and for creating?” Let’s not find out.

Lewis, a “feminist thinker,” has stated that “Family is a terrible way to satisfy our desire for love and care.” Yes, it’s much better to be “loved” and cared for by the government. Lewis doesn’t much care for heterosexual culture. She believes that there can be no feminist future until the family—particularly the nuclear family—is abolished. And she says, “It is a wonder we let fetuses inside us.” (Memo to “feminists” like Lewis: if you don’t want a fetus inside of you, you shouldn’t let a phallus inside of you.)

Maglaque, a Lecturer in History at the University of Sheffield, is likewise a proponent of “the revolutionary politics of family abolition.” Yes, all fealty should be reserved for The State.

So, California has now essentially banned the widespread production or use of natural gas, coal, hydropower, and nuclear energy going forward. The state has also effectively banned the internal combustion engine post 2035. Apparently, it will henceforward just rely on capturing butterfly farts (or Swalwell’s) and turning them into usable energy. So what if the empty virtue signaling of the state’s far left rulers needlessly destroys its economy—and the prospects, dreams, and lives of its residents? Gov. Gavin Newsome, the state’s other elite Democratic politicians, and their besties in Hollywood, media and academia know they will be okay.  

Leftists may not like natural gas. They may not like gas lighting. But they sure love gaslighting…the rest of us.



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