Sunday, October 30, 2022

U.N. Claims Climate Catastrophe Now Almost Unavoidable


Three—count ‘em, three-- new reports from the United Nations claim the planet is in dire, imminent danger because the nations of the world are not adequately mobilizing against climate change. According to the reports, countries are neither creating sufficient plans to reduce warming, nor acting on them quickly enough, even as global greenhouse gas emissions are on the rise, thus putting the planet on track to experience nearly 3 degrees Celsius of warming within less than 80 years. 

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres stated, "Loss and damage from the climate emergency is getting worse by the day and global and national climate commitments are falling pitifully short. Under current policies, the world is headed for 2.8 degrees of global heating by the end of the century. In other words, we are headed for a global catastrophe." Guterres added that the only way to change this tragic trajectory is with "urgent system-wide transformation.” (Translation: “Wealthy, Western, free-market nations must sacrifice themselves for the good of posterity because no one else will.) Naturally. Most of the countries comprising the United Nations want the U.S., in particular, to stop exhibiting “ableism” and to shut down its previously highly productive and efficient extraction and manufacturing industries.

The Democrats welcomed these reports, as they interpret them as lending support to their virulently anti-American agenda. They, and the media (sorry, I repeat myself), are pulling out all the stops now, just days before the midterm elections. This is evidenced by ever more extreme, panicked, and preposterous headlines, such as “New reports warn of untold human suffering as climate goals fall short,” “Republicans would deliberately crash the economy if elected,” “Republicans to end democracy if elected,” and Salon’s, “Study: Republican policies are killing Americans.” Etc., etc. I fully expect MSNBC or Salon to soon state unequivocally: “We are all going to die on November 9th if Democrats don’t retain the House and Senate.”

 I Can’t wait for the inexplicable 2-4 AM ballot dumps. Sometimes democracy really does die in darkness.



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