Thursday, October 20, 2022

"The View" Host Joy Behar Finds Voters' Priorities "Sad And Depressing"


"The View" host Joy Behar recently intimated that she finds the economic concerns of voters "sad and depressing” when compared to the threat to democracy she believes Republicans pose. The ditzy one added that people simply don't know "what the stakes are" ahead of the midterm elections. 


When ABC News political director Rick Klein stated that he believes Republicans were likely going to take the House in the upcoming election, Behar sneeringly asked him, "When your reporters say, you know, you tell me they’re [voters] worried about gas, they’re worried about this, they’re worried about that, do the reporters follow up and say, ‘Do you think the Republicans will be able to fix these things?’" 

Well, Joy, voters probably do think that, or else they wouldn’t ne planning to vote for them. And perhaps they’ve paid attention to recent events, compared the quality of their lives currently to what they experienced when Trump was in office, or even have some basic knowledge of, oh, say, all of recorded history.

Think of what “Joy” is effectively saying: ”If you all don’t vote the way I, Joy Behar, want you to, it is the end of our democracy.”

Ms. Behar is far too dumb to understand that kind of thinking is what may end our democracy (which is actually a representative republic). Talk about the (self-considered) elite and important being out of touch! If Behar had to cut corners and scrounge for food, if she lived near the southern border or had family members assaulted by illegal immigrants or killed by fentanyl, she would likely be singing a very different tune.

In one sense it is sad and depressing that voters are so concerned with the economy. It is tragic what has happened to so many…so quickly. And so inexplicably—and unnecessarily-- as we are only now emerging from a plandemic and extended lockdown after which a “V-shaped” economic recovery was a virtual certainty…had Biden administration policies not been explicitly designed to prevent that outcome.


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