Sunday, October 16, 2022

Climate Protesters Throw Soup On Van Gogh Painting


A couple of young climate protesters from the group “Just Stop Oil” recently threw soup over Vincent van Gogh’s famous painting, “Sunflowers.” The vandals dumped two cans of Heinz tomato soup on the oil painting, on display in London’s National Gallery, to protest fossil fuel extraction. After ridiculously assaulting one of Van Gogh’s most iconic works, the two activists proceeded to glue themselves to the gallery wall.

Fortunately, the attack caused no real damage to the glass-covered painting, nor did the assailant’s attempt to epoxy themselves to the gallery, but Britain did immediately agree to ban the use of all fossil fuels. Just kidding.

(It is fitting that the activists selected Heinz soup with which to carry out their protest, as the heiress to the H.J. Heinz company fortune is Teresa Heinz-Kerry, who is married to John (“Effing”) Kerry, the world-renowned Climate Czar. The couple profess to be deeply concerned about global warming and greenhouse gas emissions, though their favorite activity is flying around the world in their private jet.)

The most striking thing about this action by “Just Stop Oil” is that the painting, Van Gogh, and the gallery have absolutely no connection whatsoever to fossil fuel extraction. I mean, I’m almost certain that Van Gogh didn’t invent fracking in his spare time, especially since he passed away in 1890. Nor did he work on an oil rig. (On second thought, he did, however, traffic in oil paint-- so maybe there is a connection after all!)

This would be like protesting abortion restrictions by tossing red paint on the Mona Lisa or pissing on the Liberty Bell.

But then, logic and reason aren’t hallmarks of “progressivism.”


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