Thursday, October 27, 2022

Professor Says Latinos Can "Achieve Whiteness," Become Racist


According to the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles City Council President Nury Martinez, a Latina Democrat, recently referred to a councilman’s Black son as a “monkey”-- and also said in reference to liberal Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon, “he’s with the Blacks.”


This prompted MSNBC host Tiffany Cross to ask Fordham University law professor Tanya Hernández if making racist comments made a Latino white or just a racist racial minority. Hernández, a self-proclaimed “race law expert” with an interest in Critical Race Theory, replied: “Well, I actually think that there is another layer to this. Some people within the Latino community do achieve whiteness, one, because they are white appearing, they favor more our European ancestors, and depending on their accent, their educational level, whether they actually have a recognizable Hispanic surname, that all those things that enable a person to, I wouldn’t call it passing, but seemingly—just-- and seamlessly being able to pass into whiteness, or white Anglo-whiteness, just as they have whiteness within Latin America and the Caribbean. Um, so, I guess what I want to say is that despite this idea of all Latinos being brown, you know, some browns are browner than others and some whites are whiter than others. There are Latinos who are white, whether they have that personal identity or not, that’s their socially ascribed race from others outside, and they get to move in that privilege as well.”

Latinos are incapable of exhibiting racist behavior unless and until they “achieve” whiteness? Say what?! Hernández sounded like a cross between Kamala Harris and Dr. Seuss. Some browns are browner than other browns and some whites are whiter than white?!

And “achieve” sounds like a good thing, or at least it used to. Perhaps it’s now a bad thing because many white people do it. But isn’t it appropriation if non-whites want to claim—or are afforded-- whiteness? And what of whites who don’t achieve, are poor and wear their pants down around their knees? What of those that are unemployed and can’t figure out how to get an I.D.? Are they then “achieving Blackness,” or engaging in cultural appropriation, as well? Is that idea not preposterously racist, too? And yet it isn’t a notion trafficked in by white people. How can this be?

Concepts such as identity politics, intersectionality, and Critical Race Theory are tearing this nation apart. Unless and until there is nearly universal recognition and admission that all lives matter, be they Black, white, brown, yellow, red, indigenous, BIPOC, or that of the as yet unborn, we will never again “achieve” anything approaching racial harmony or societal cohesion. Which means we will forever be sentenced to suffer violence and chaos in our streets, a faltering economy, and a resultant sense of fear, despair, and hopelessness. And anger born of the knowledge that it didn’t have to be like this.

The character of the individual must once again be recognized as more important than the monolithic, lazy and rigid stereotypical view of a given racial group. So screw this “it’s Black and white” bullsh*t. To hell with the false dichotomy the racist Marxist tyrant-wannabees are rabidly attempting to thrust upon us. Let’s vote these vile charlatans and America Lasters out of office, chase them from every square inch of their vast and fetid swamp, evict them from their lofty perches in academia. Let’s refuse to pay attention to the virtue signaling leftist clowns in the media and Hollywood. Let’s boycott the tragically-- and pathetically-- woke moralizers in Big Tech, Big Banking, and Big Business.

Let us rid ourselves, once and for all, of those who advocate for unfettered abortion and assisted suicide, lockdowns, mask and vaccine mandates, punitive taxes and endless regulation. Let us rededicate ourselves to the celebration of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as granted to us by our Founders and our Creator.

Let us so conduct ourselves that, after November 8th, freedom may ring for all of us, of any race or color.

That would be a legitimate—and wondrous-- “achievement.” One in which all sane people, regardless of color—or shades thereof-- could rejoice.




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