Wednesday, October 26, 2022

New Zealand To Tax Cattle Burps, Pee


As part of a plan to address climate change, New Zealand's government recently proposed taxing the greenhouse gases that farm animals allegedly release into the atmosphere when burping and peeing.  


The Kiwi government proudly boasts that the proposed farm levy would be a world first. But wouldn’t this adversely affect the farmers, you ask?  Not at all, says the government! Au contraire! All the farmers would have to do to recoup the cost of the punitive taxes is charge more for their produce and products. Duh! Simple! I mean, hello, right? Never mind that this would, at minimum, contribute to already astronomical inflation rates by increasing the cost of food, a necessity.

As you might expect, the nation’s farmers quickly condemned the plan. Federated Farmers, the industry's main lobby group, said the plan would "rip the guts out of small-town New Zealand" and result in farms being replaced by trees…which is exactly the outcome desired by elite globalists, Great Re-setters, green terrorists, and assorted other environmentalist whackos.

Andrew Hoggard, Federated Farmers president, said farmers had been trying to work with the government for more than two years to come up with an emissions reduction plan that wouldn't decrease food production. To no avail.

"Our plan was to keep farmers farming," Hoggard said. He added that, under the new proposal, farmers would be selling their farms "so fast you won’t even hear the dogs barking on the back of the ute (pickup truck) as they drive off."

Opposition lawmakers from the conservative ACT Party claim the plan would actually increase worldwide emissions by moving farming to other countries that are less efficient at making food. (The same could be said of the Biden administration’s bizarre decision to greatly restrict oil and gas drilling in the United States…and then go begging nations like Venezuela and Saudi Arabia to produce more to sell to the U.S.)

New Zealand is not a large country, and its farming industry is vital to its economy. Dairy products are the nation’s largest export earner. Tragically, if this proposal is enacted, they won’t be for long, as farmers would have to start paying for emissions in 2025.

Does it seem like a good plan to make farmers pay more to produce the food that we all must have to survive? Is it logical to punish them for methane released when their cattle burp, or for the nitrous oxide in their urine? Should governments (almost literally) tax the crap out of them?

Ironically, if they do that, we will all soon be in deep doo-doo.


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