Monday, October 3, 2022

City Of Lights? Not So Much Anymore


Reacting to the twin horrors of the Russia-Ukraine War and leftists’ War Against Energy, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo has instituted a spate of measures intended to reduce the city’s energy usage by 10 percent. The Left’s all-out assault on the use of so-called fossil fuels is really a War on the West, one intended to punish it for being productive and prosperous. In this conflict, it is not only France that appears to be surrendering, but virtually all Western nations…and what is sometimes referred to as Christendom. Paris is Brussels is California is Ontario is Australia.

Authorities in the French capital have announced that even the Eiffel Tower will be subject to the energy rationing measures. The progressive publication LibĂ©ration reported that the iconic, world-renowned monument will henceforth be illuminated for less time each day than in the past.

“The city must lead by example,” Hidalgo said. “Paris will be at the forefront to act.”

This though all parties admit that turning off the tower’s lights won’t make much of a difference in the city’s energy consumption. Rather, it is being heralded as a symbolic gesture.

That it is. That it is. It is also ironic—and somewhat sad-- that the “City of Lights” is becoming the City of Darkness.

For no logical reason, Western nations are dispensing with energy produced from oil, coal, hydropower, and natural gas. They are closing nuclear power plants and banning fracking, the internal combustion engine, and, in some cases, even air conditioning.

And now we have power grid failures and “rolling black outs.”

And the Mayor of the City of Light proudly touting its darkness.

So the West gradually grows ever darker. By its own hands. A victim of colossal hoaxes perpetrated by conniving globalists, foreign and domestic, who despise it-- and use its stunning softness and shocking ignorance and naivete against it.

But know this: as the West goes dark, the rest of the world must, too.



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