Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Gas Prices Rising Again, Biden's Accountability, Credibility Falling Again


President Joe Biden has taken every opportunity lately to take credit for the fact that gasoline prices fell for 99 days in a recent stretch. That he did this by releasing millions of gallons of oil from our Strategic Oil Reserve, thereby endangering our future security, and ridiculously—if relentlessly—badgering oil companies for being profitable, was, of course, immaterial.

As long as prices at the pump were going down, it was all duckies and bunnies…and all due to Biden. But now that prices are rising again — by as much as 60 cents a gallon in some areas last week alone — the president will not take the blame.

Biden was at fault for the rapidly rising gas prices shortly after he took office. And he is at fault for high prices now. When Trump was in office, gas prices were historically low, and America was energy independent. Because of his policies.

On his first day in office, Biden cancelled the Keystone Pipeline, and every day since, he has slandered, harassed, and vilified virtually every sector of the American energy industry. All in chimerical, needless, fruitless, and impossible pursuit of slowing or ending “climate change.”

Moreover, his Executive Order 13990 dramatically increased the costs and red tape involved in the exploration, extraction, and refining of so-called fossil fuels…for any company dumb enough to engage in these endeavors.

Energy companies are rightly asking why they would invest tens of billions of dollars in new supplies geared towards the future production of energy here at home when the Biden administration has pledged to phase out all fossil fuels within 10 years.   

So, here’s how the president might defend his actions to someone with the temerity to question them:

 “Look, look…look. That’s not how it works, Jack! Come on, man! You gotta understand—it ain’t rocket séance, um, science. When things go good…that’s me! That’s me! When they go bad, I don’t have any control over it. Period. Understand now? Kapisch? I mean, even a dog-faced pony soldier can get it, right? Anyway, where’s Jackie? Jackie?”




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