Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Demon-Attired Drag Queen Berates Church Doctrine, Aspires To Be Ordained By Same Church


On October 2, Allendale United Methodist Church in St. Petersburg, Florida, hosted a drag queen during its Sunday service, allowing him/her to deliver a sermon on “acceptance” and join the ministers at the altar to assist during the service. Isaac Simmons, the drag queen, who was dressed like a demon, preached the importance of defeating “systems of oppression” in society and Christianity in order to truly “love one’s neighbor as oneself.”  

Simmons stated: “We are here to learn and to grow and to deconstruct and to reimagine what church can be, who church can be for, and how church can feel together.” It is obvious that Simmons wants church to be “for” him—and cringeworthy that he talks about how it “can feel together.”

The demon drag queen added: “[Church] can be a place unafraid to denounce queerphobia, a place unafraid to name the sin of racism, and to call for an end to white supremacy. A place where all have equal and equitable access not just to the pulpit itself, to the sanctuary, but to God themself, and all that it represents within the community.” Of course. Church is a place to denounce “queerphobia,” but also to welcome a homosexual drag queen dressed as a demon sermonizing about acceptance while referring to God as “themself.”

In other words, we must embrace the hostile takeover fundamental transformation of the Christian church and religion or be smeared as bigots.

Incredibly, Simmons, who when dressed in drag goes by the name of “Ms. Penny Cost” – a blasphemous allusion to Pentecost and the Holy Spirit –  is currently in the process of seeking ordination in the United Methodist Church. He/she/they is a first-year seminary student enrolled in the Boston University School of Theology. He/she/they laughingly noted: “That’s right. They’re going to give me a church one day!”  

Allow me to preach for a moment, please:

Acceptance, tolerance, and inclusion are not always good things. Period. Full stop.

Should we accept high rates of murder? Should we tolerate violent crime? Should we be inclusive of rape and incest?

Should we welcome the presence of demon-attired drag queens in our churches telling us that our religion is sinful and can only be redeemed by their blessed presence?

What might God themself say?




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