Tuesday, October 11, 2022

World Economic Forum Says We Must Change How We Fulfill Our Desires


Had enough of “fundamental transformations” in recent years? I hope not, because World Economic Forum (WEF) adviser Yuval Noah Harari recently stated that attempting to halt (what the WEF believes to be) man-caused climate change will require a fundamental shift in how humans fulfill their desires. Sounds kinky, but what does he actually mean?

At a recent summit, Harari said: “People desire, I don’t know, peace of mind. To be peaceful inside yourself. This is something almost everybody wants. So, you know, you listen to commercials on television, and you get this idea that if you want peace of mind, you need to fly to the other side of the world to this idyllic island and spend lots of money and create enormous amounts of pollution in the process in order to get peace of mind. I mean, you don’t need to change your desire, but you can achieve it right here.” At the World Economic Forum? I think not.

He also opined that people need to realize that they can find love without changing themselves through environmentally unfriendly methods such as applying makeup. Harari suggested, without elaborating, that folks should find other ways to make themselves feel good-looking. Maybe by trimming one’s nasal hair and drinking a couple glasses of wine?

The adviser did generously admit that “[Our desires] would be hard to change” and suggested instead that “we need to change the roundabout and sometimes ridiculous way that we often go about achieving these desires.” Like shamelessly virtue signaling on the world stage whilst attempting to coerce everyone else into making their lives harder and poorer by doing the things you ask them to do—all the while knowing you have no intention of doing them yourself? To sate your own desire for control? Like that, maybe?

Harari’s recommendations are consistent with various other suggestions the WEF has kindly provided on how to reduce climate change. All of which are rife with globalist authoritarian overtones. In fact, WEF chairman Klaus Schwab has praised Xi Jinping, China’s communist leader, claiming that he has “made significant social and economic achievements.” Well, he has embarked on a genocide against the Uighurs and mandated the forced sterilization of same. Moreover, he has instituted a one-child policy for Chinese families. All of these help to reduce the human population, a goal of the WEF, so naturally earn its praise. For good measure, Jinping also instituted a social credit score system for all Chinese citizens, closely tracking everything they do and every move they make…just because he can. Since then, many other nations have laid the groundwork for such surveillance and control of their populace. After all, the pandemic showed them how easy this can be.

One WEF recommendation that has gained some traction of late is that people should incorporate bugs and insects into their diets in order to reduce the “harmful” effects of meat consumption on the environment. CNN went so far as to say that “bugs  are really good for you” and could even help “save the planet.”

So, dear readers, to sum up: don’t engage in the roundabout and ridiculous ways in which you used to pursue your desires. Don’t travel, eat meat, or use makeup. Do eat bugs. And listen to Yuval Noah Harari and his friends at the World Economic Forum when they tell you what to do.

Trust them. It’s for the common good. Right, comrades?


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