Friday, December 3, 2021

U.S. Submarine Hits "Underwater Mountain"


A U.S. nuclear submarine recently hit what officials described as an “underwater mountain.” How is that possible? Sonar has been around since before World War II. Periscopes since 1854. I mean, WTF? Were the sub’s commanders too busy training its crew in the ways of wokeness to notice a mountain looming up ahead of them? This reminds me of the single-panel Far Side cartoon in which a dinosaur accidentally bumps his head into the only tree in a vast, otherwise barren, prehistoric plain. The real-world implications are just not as humorous. Pathetic.

          What’s next? Will a surface ship such as a destroyer or battleship accidentally turn its gun turrets on itself and fire on its own superstructure while most of the crew is engaged in critical “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” training?

          Oh well. Que sera, sera. At least we have women, gays, and transgenders on our ships. And they can use any bathroom they want. And are well-trained in the proper use of their shipmates’ preferred pronouns!

          Tremble before our righteous wokeness, enemies of progress!

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