Monday, December 6, 2021

Enes Kanter, NBA Player, Stands Up...And Out


Enes Kanter, a professional basketball player for the NBA's Boston Celtics, is a moral and courageous man. Instead of going along with his league's complete refusal to acknowledge China's atrocities against various ethnic groups, he has spoken out. Instead of sporting generic banalities on his jersey or gear, he has the message "Free Tibet" on his shoes. When questioned about this, he has not backed down, even though the NBA and Nike, its chief sponsor, have egregiously ignored China's heinous acts in favor of their financial interests.

LeBron James acts like Black players are slaves to the owners, , in fact, he, and most of the league’s other stars, virtually dictate where and when they play. James is a self-professed social justice warrior off the court, an inveterate whiner on one. He often acts like he’s been fatally gored if another player so much as brushes up against him. He recently got a couple fans removed from their courtside seats and ejected from the arena. This after he himself served a one-game suspension for bloodying an opponent during an altercation in a game a couple of nights earlier.

It takes no courage to state “Black Lives Matter” or to claim the United States is a land rife with systemic racism despite the fact that you live in a mansion in a gated community and have your own private security. And make over $38 million a year. Nor does it take courage to ignore the rioting, looting and violent crime being perpetrated in nearly every major American city by BLM, Antifa, and assorted other thugs and anarchists. It takes zero courage to wear a jersey and a pair of sneakers with the message “I Can’t Breathe” or “How Many More” on them. In fact, the NBA has essentially mandated that players do this. Good for its image, you see.

It, apparently, does take courage to stand up for the countless Tibetans and Uighers that are being enslaved in China. Some of whom are having their organs “harvested.” While still alive. Or to stand up to the NBA itself, a league besotted with the revenue potential that a nation of 1.4 billion represents.

Other league-approved social justice messages are “Justice,” “Freedom,” “Enough,” and “Listen To Us.” Those would be pertinent messages if directed at China’s abuse of anyone that doesn’t toe the Communist Party line. Instead, the silence is deafening.

“Free Tibet?” Meh. “How Many More?” Good question.

The NBA, like Nike and most of its players, is a fraud. Kanter is not. 

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