Saturday, December 25, 2021

"Merry Everything"


The all-out assault on all things Christmas proceeds apace, though many don’t want to admit it and some just don’t care. Whereas, not so many years ago, most television ads aired in the weeks leading up to December 25th wished their viewers “Merry Christmas,” virtually every one of them now offers the “more inclusive” but essentially meaningless “Happy Holidays.” (One ad seen recently was more specific, but no less hollow and secular, stating “Happy Honda Days.”)

Continuing this trend, the Center for Racial Justice in Education released a “Racial Justice Guide” in an attempt to deconstruct "Christian privilege" and foster more inclusive celebrations during the winter holiday season.

Campus Reform sent its Addison Smith to Washington, D.C. to query students about this very topic. Not surprisingly, many of them agreed that Christmastime needs to be more inclusive.

One student replied that it's "probably not a good thing" to have extra emphasis on Christmas as opposed to other religious holidays. Another told Smith, "Yea, I definitely think that [Christmas should be more inclusive]. I recently went to a Christmas show by the... gay choir of D.C., and they sang a song... 'Merry Everything.' I think that's, like, really important.”

I think that’s, like, really dumb. Stupendously, preposterously so. Tolerance is not necessarily a virtue. Diversity is not necessarily our strength…or even a good thing. But, what the hell, let’s all meekly play along. From here on out I’m going to say “Merry Kwanza,” “Merry Ramadan,” “Merry Lupercalia,” “Merry abortion,” “Merry holocaust,” “Merry January 6th insurrection,” “Merry street violence,” “Merry pandemic,” “Merry government overreach,” “Merry gay pride parade,” “Merry Tyler Moore,” and “Merry had a little lamb.” After all, it’s all the same. Recognizing faith, hope and love and a chance at eternal life granted by the greatest sacrifice of all time is no more worthy of observance or celebration than anything else. Ergo, “Merry Christmas” is out and “Merry everything” is in.

So, “Merry effing holidays, everybody!”


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