Thursday, December 9, 2021




* I wrote the following in June of 2020: “Yes, Democrats, let’s defund our military and our police. We can live in chaos and peril for the very short period of time until we become a Chinese police state and lose all our freedoms. Kind of ironic, don’t you think? Can’t reason with insane morons.” I guess I was prescient. It didn’t take long. Was it always part of the plan?

*The chairman of the Houston Texans, Cal McNair, recently apologized for making allegedly anti-Asian remarks at a team function back in May. According to Bally Sports, the PC police charged McNair with a felonious case of insensitivity. When he addressed a crowd at the River Oaks Country Club for the Houston Texans Foundation Charity Golf Classic, McNair uttered these words: "I'm sorry we couldn't get together last year, because of the China virus." Calling the China Virus the China Virus is not an Anti-Asian hate crime. It is the truth. McNair wasn’t aiming his remarks at any “Asian” group or individual, but at those responsible for loosing the pandemic on the world, deliberately or otherwise. Namely, the Chinese Communist Party, inadvertently aided and abetted by the NIH and Dr. Fauci. It is those who are trying to cancel McNair that are guilty of a hate crime, by attempting to rob us of our free speech birthrights and by attacking anyone who deviates from their beliefs.

*Democrats/progressives/leftists know that most of what they say isn’t true, indeed is the farthest thing from the truth They say it to proactively intimidate opponents and pre-empt them from saying the same about them. It is a remarkably effective…and revoltingly evil…practice. Projection. It’s what they do.


*Are “yin” and “yang” now to be deemed binary and therefore non-inclusive? Will nonsensical terms like “yan,” “yun,” “yeng” and “yong“ need to be invented and touted in the name of diversity?

*It seems leftists do care about borders after all…depending on the border and who crossed it. Illegal aliens with COVID can pour across our national border with Mexico, trafficking guns, underage girls, or whatever, and that’s a good thing they say. But they believe it’s a crime for Kyle Rittenhouse to cross from Illinois into Wisconsin? WTH? I mean, what the bleeping hell?!!

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