Monday, December 20, 2021

China Reports No COVID-19 Deaths Since January


Some things are so remarkable one is forced to say “wow!” followed be “hmmm.” Things like President Biden uttering a coherent sentence or the Detroit Lions winning a football game.

Or the “fact” that the world’s most populous country hasn’t suffered a single fatality from the coronavirus in the past ten and a half months. And only four since April 18th of 2020. Even though it suffered 1,290 deaths in the 48 hours prior to that date. “Wow!” And “hmmm.”

The nation’s cumulative deaths graph looks much like the infamous “hockey stick graph” that the infamous Michael Mann attempted to foist on the public to “prove” the existence of anthropogenic global warming. The vertical line representing the number of deaths between April 16 and April 18 of 2020 looks even more like the purported vote totals received and counted for Joe Biden in the battleground states in the wee hours of the morning following Election Day 2020.

How to account for this? What could possibly explain this? Is China flat out lying? Certainly. China doesn’t want the rest of the world to think it is responsible for the pandemic, it wants the rest of the world to think it has defeated it, due to its remarkable, broad-based competence.

On the other hand, the United States appears to have deliberately and significantly inflated the number of fatalities it has suffered. Why the difference? The Chinese Communist Party doesn’t need to terrify Chinese citizens to take away their freedoms and solidify its power. It has already done so. Many U.S. leaders have been envious of their Chinese counterparts, jealous of their power. They boldly yet cleverly utilized the Wuhan Flu to help them close the gap. Frightened Americans have thus far let them get away with it.

Ironically, as we have caught the China Virus, we have become more Chinese.

Turns out China imported the virus to us-- and its totalitarian political system, as well.


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