Tuesday, December 7, 2021





*Those on The Left love non-binary sexes/genders, non-binary marriages (including open, polyamory, or sologamy). Yet, when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccines, they are strictly binary. They divide everyone into two camps and characterize everyone using only two labels. Either you are vaccinated or you are a murderer. Well, I’m a transimmunized person. I identify as vaccinated some days, some days not. That is my truth.


*What if America had non-binary highways instead of discriminatory ones? Roads on which we could all travel in two, no or all directions at once depending on how we felt at that moment? That would be “smashing,” as the Brits say. Quite literally.

*To progressives/leftists/socialists/communists the communal is all the rage. Global governance is in. It takes a village, you know. They are all about identity groups and "communities." Individualism is, like Capitalism, considered to be an archaic and heartless vestige of a bygone patriarchal era. Yet, they insist that each individual has the self-evident right to choose their own morality, truth, and gender. Amazing.

*It should be obvious that we have lost our minds...and souls. Colleges are now stocking men’s rooms with feminine hygiene products. We are urged to avoid using the term “mother” and to instead say “birthing person.” I'm sure commercials for contraceptives will soon feature two men. You know, in the interest of inclusivity. 

*A nonpolitical note: I have more passwords for computers, websites, apps, devices, email, etc., etc., than I can possibly remember/deal with. How are we supposed to remember 52 totally different passwords? Especially as “experts” say they all must be completely random and nonsensical to enhance security? We are admonished to not use birthdates, anniversaries, names of significant others or pets, or anything else that we could possibly remember. We are told not to use any password more than once, and that they should all be at least 10-12 characters in length, preferably more, and consist of a random mix of capital and lower-case letters, numerals, and “special characters.” Also, they say, don’t write them down anywhere where they could possibly be discovered! And don’t let anyone else know what they are! And make sure to change them all frequently! As a result, I am “password protected” from doing most anything online.


*I will conclude by stating: ”Let’s go Brandon!”




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