Sunday, December 19, 2021

Biden Administration Tells Americans To Lower Expectations


The Biden administration, through state-sponsored media outlets like the Washington Post, has instructed Americans to “consciously lower expectations.” For their own good.

As evidenced by the Washington Post itself, it would be well-nigh impossible for mainstream media outlets to lower their standards. It’s a good thing the Founders-- and vast majority of later American presidents-- didn’t believe we should just “lower our expectations” (and standards) like the Biden administration does.

Imagine Washington at Valley Forge saying, “Lower your expectations, boys.” Or Ben Franklin standing up during a long and difficult impasse at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 stating, “I think we all just need to lower our expectations of what is possible to achieve here.”

Here’s Lincoln at Gettysburg: “We must learn an important lesson from those who died here. That lesson is: it is imperative that we lower our expectations.”

FDR in 1933: “All we have to fear…is higher than warranted expectations!” Inspiring!

JFK?: “We might get to the moon someday. We might not. It is best if we simply lower our expectations, since then, in the end, we won’t risk being disappointed.”

And the Great Communicator, Ronald Reagan: “It’s morning in America. Well, maybe late morning or early afternoon. All right, f**k it. It’s dinner time. But who really cares, anyway? Nothing matters and what if it did? I’m begging all Americans to just lower their expectations.”

And Reagan again: “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall. Or at least a little piece of it. Maybe just knock a chunk out of it with a hammer. Or write some mildly non-Communist graffiti on it. If you don’t mind. Thank you.”

Thank God explorers, settlers, gold-seekers, inventors, small-business owners, entrepreneurs, soldiers, the “Greatest Generation,” athletes, firemen, physicians, etc., haven’t typically possessed the “lower your expectations” mindset!

The late Paul Harvey famously noted: “Why should anyone aspire to be a common man, an average man? Do you realize what it means to be average? That means you’re the best of the lousiest…and the lousiest of the best. Now, if we demand more and more for producing less and less, while the have-not nations encourage, and inspire, and indeed require hard work and maximum effort—if we deify the common man while they encourage and reward the uncommon ones—well, the end result of such a lopsided race as that is too obvious to require elaboration.”

Nowadays, due to standards being dramatically lowered in our schools in recent years, the phrase “require elaboration” might well require elaboration. If not a thorough explanation.

Good day.



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