Monday, December 27, 2021

Pastor Leads Drag Queen Worship Service For Children


Aaron Musser, a newly ordained, openly gay Lutheran pastor recently “dressed up” in full drag to lead a drag queen story hour-style message for children during a worship service, according to the Post Millenial. Musser wore a long white dress with a gold cross on its chest, a long blonde wig, and full makeup to deliver the children's message.

He began the message by asking the children if they had ever seen a drag queen before. They indicated they had not. Pastor Musser told the kids, “I have an awesome story to share with you today. I am also a boy most of the time when I’m here, but today, I’m a girl.”

Musser apparently took pride (PRIDE!) in incorporating what he/she/they himself/herself/themselves called “queerness” into his Christian ministry. According to the Post Millenial report, the prancing pastor wrote on his personal Facebook page, "Queer sexualities, gender identities, and gender expressions outpour from the depths of our being. We are who we are. And we can articulate our truth.” Musser also said that “certain straights don’t believe that we speak truth” and added, "Queerness is sacred.”

Clearly Musser is not interested in the truth. He cannot be a boy some days and a girl others. That is physically and biologically impossible. And queerness is not “sacred.” Quite the contrary. Every human being’s life—and right to life—might be sacred, but “queerness” in and of itself is not. As per Genesis, “Man and woman He created them.” There was a reason for that. And that reason, and that union, is sacred. Or should be treated as such…both by society as a whole and by those in those unions.

Unsurprisingly, Musser also utilized his platform to tell the kids, "If you vote red, you vote against me and my rights."

Yet Musser received a cavalcade of support and positive comments online for his messaging of “joy.”

He/she/they should have been fired and disciplined for a vile form of child-abuse. To abuse one’s power, as a supposed messenger of God, to not only confuse kids and contravene the word of the Bible, but attempt to pre-emptively tell them how to vote, is abhorrent and despicable.

To use a literal pulpit to deliver a sermon to promote one’s own sexual proclivities to minors while also smearing nearly half of one’s fellow citizens is inexcusable.

Pastor Musser’s drag queen ploy was anything but Fabulous!

In fact, it was sacrilegious.


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