Thursday, December 16, 2021

Iran Threatens Israel: Make "Just One Wrong Move..."


The Tehran Times, one of three major English-language newspapers published by the Iranian government, recently published an article threatening to attack Israel with airstrikes for "just one wrong move!"

"The Tehran Times doesn't need to remind the illegitimate regime of Israel of Iran's defense capabilities," the story continued. The article also referred to Israel as a "Zionist regime" on several occasions, a term frequently used as an antisemitic epithet by Israel's opponents.

The piece was apparently written in response to an Israeli newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth, referring to a prior Israeli airstrike on Syrian territory as "a direct message" to Iran.     

So, the Iranian mullahs threaten Israel by essentially saying, “One of these days, Alice…pow! Right in the kisser! To the moon!” And, “If you illegitimate Zionists make one wrong move…it’s curtains for you.” This is equivalent to a mobster saying, “Nice country ya’ got there, shame if somethin’ happened to it.

The Biden administration has picked up where the Obama administration left off in cringeworthy appeasement of Iran, leaving Israel no choice but to take out Iran’s nuclear weapons capability, i.e. making “just one wrong move.”

Most of the Iranian people are decent. They are trapped by an incompetent, autocratic, and evil regime. They do not deserve the life they are forced to lead. Their radical, illegitimate, Islamic rulers are violently anti-Semitic and anti-civilization.

It is time the U.S. stopped placating Iran and instead delivered it a direct message of its own: “F**k with us at your own peril. F**k with Israel and you f**k with us.”



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