Tuesday, June 1, 2021

California Rep. Asks Greta Thunberg For Parenting Advice


California Rep. Katie Porter (it would be stating the obvious to point out that she is a Democrat) recently asked 18-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg what she should tell her daughter about climate change. The 47-year-old mother and elected Golden State representative queried Thunberg, stating: “I told my nine-year-old daughter that I was going to be speaking with you. And I said, what do you think about the climate change? And she said, ‘the earth is on fire and we’re all going to die soon.’ And I asked her how that made her feel and she said it made her feel angry. What should I tell my daughter and how should I help her and the youngest generation bear the emotional toll of the actions that we’re taking, fossil fuel companies are taking to destroy our planet.”

To which Thunberg replied: “And, of course, always the best medication against anger and anxiety is to take action yourself. So that’s what I would tell her. To take action herself, because that will make her feel so much better. That’s what it did to me, at least, and so many others.” Um, Greta, it didn’t really do much for your anger, did it?

How do nine-year-old kids get the idea that “the earth is on fire” and “we’re all going to die soon?” It comes from teachers and the media, of course. And the likes of Greta Thunberg, Al Gore and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. People who benefit from making as many others as possible “feel angry.” People who are guilty of using misinformation and lies to further their own agenda, manipulate others, and frighten children. They are as guilty of child-molestation as they are of trafficking in fake news.

If it wasn’t for fossil fuel companies, none of us—environmental activists included—would have anything like the quality of life we have enjoyed. Gore wouldn’t have a huge, heated home—and pool. Thunberg couldn’t fly around the world lecturing people on the evils of fossil fuels and the imminent and existential danger of global warming/climate change. Ocasio-Cortez wouldn’t be chauffeured around in SUV limos wearing chic apparel and accessories. We would not have had the medical breakthroughs, ease of travel, technical advances, and time-saving gadgetry that we do. Our lives would be poorer and harder in every way. And shorter. Fossil fuel companies are not destroying the planet. Period. So-called “progressive” activists are doing everything they can to sow doubt, fear and anger--- in short, destroy society.

Greta Thunberg could be the poster-child for Planned Parenthood. Asking her for parenting advice is like asking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez about the Constitution or Michael Moore for dieting tips. No wonder why kids are so confused these days.

It is time parents stopped talking about feelings and started seeking the truth. Maybe if parents grow up, their children will, too.


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