Thursday, January 2, 2020

British Lecturer Says Calling Someone A "Nerd" Should Be A Hate Crime

                We all know that we must be careful what words we use in this politically correct era. Or even what pronouns. Terms that used to be commonly used are now considered hurtful, non-inclusive and “marginalizing.” For example, we can’t use “wop” to indicate an Italian. (It’s okay in this case, I’m part Italian). Nor can we use the term “retarded” to refer to someone of less than stellar intelligence—or to someone with whom we disagree—unless it is a member of the Trump family. Similarly, calling someone short is insensitive. The preferred term is “vertically challenged.” Nor do we label someone bald. We say he is “too tall for his hair.”
                And now, Sonja Falck, a British psychology lecturer and psychotherapist says the use of “slurs” against those with high IQs is not only in poor form, but should be considered a hate crime, according to London’s Telegraph. Ms. Falck says terms such as “nerd,” “geek,” and “egghead” are divisive and humiliating and should be considered on par with homophobic, racial and religious smears. She terms these anti-intelligence brickbats the “last taboo” of hate crimes. She has spent years researching discrimination against very smart people and has found that being labeled an “egghead” or “brainiac,” among other terms, makes many of them feel apart from others, like misfits who don’t belong to society at large.
                It’s about time progressives realized that smart people have feelings, too. Calling particularly bright folks “bookworms,” “highbrow,” “know-it-alls,” “bluestockings” and “genius” may make progressives feel good, but how do they think it makes the intelligent feel? Maybe one day they’ll even recognize that the most successful and highly placed among us are human, as well, and don’t relish being treated as freaks. Perhaps we will soon stop calling wealthy athletes and CEOs “stars,” “blue-chippers,” “the Big Cheese,” “Big Kahuna,” “head-honcho,” “muckamucks” and “boss-man,” sparing them the pain of being singled out and mis-labeled.
                After all, it shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that, deep down, we are all the same. Right?

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