Saturday, January 4, 2020

Yale University To Provide Bouncy Castles To Stressed Students

                Yale University is a prestigious institution. It was founded in 1701. It is supposedly a citadel of higher learning. It is the third oldest such institution in the country and one of only nine Colonial Colleges chartered before the American Revolution. Students (and/or their parents) pay more than $55,000 a year for the privilege of receiving an allegedly elite Ivy League education.
                And now, if studying and social justice warring get too stressful for the young Elis, they have two new outlets to help them “chill out,” courtesy of the school’s Chaplain’s Office. The “Cookies & Coloring Study Break” takes place weekly in a location called “Breathing Space.” The event’s description encourages students to “take an hour to put down your phone, color (don’t worry there’s no judging your artistic ability), have a freshly baked cookie, and great conversation.” Put down your phone? I thought the kiddies were seeking relief from the rigors of studying. I have previously reported on the trend of colleges providing coloring books to their young scholars, but it’s nice to know there will be “no judging.” (In point of fact, nothing and no one gets judged on college campuses anymore, except for conservatives, Christians and straight white males). It is also good to hear that it won’t be just garden-variety, day or two old cookies that the kids will be offered, but freshly baked ones. Warm, gooey cookies are much more soothing and affirming. Mass-produced cookies can actually be marginalizing and non-inclusive.
                What’s more, when temperatures warm this coming spring, students will have access to an inflatable “Bouncy Castle.” Yale says the Bouncy Castle will help address students’ “anxiety relief needs,” and urges them to “Bring a friend and bounce out your stress.”
                Universities around the country—and The West in general-- are becoming sad jokes, nothing more than indoctrination centers and infantilization zones. Many also offer therapy animals, Play-Doh, and “cry closets” replete with stuffed animals for their snowflakes’ solace, which shouldn’t be necessary given the fact that many schools now have waived book fines and let their students choose their own grades.
                Yale was founded by Puritan clergymen, who established the college as an institution to train and educate future ministers. They would be stunned to see what it has now become.
                Not so long ago, college age kids fought in the American Revolution, the Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Korean War and in Viet Nam. They dealt with the Great Depression and the Cold War without coming unglued. Some still enroll in the military today. None of them had or have the luxury of running to a “Safe Space” to color… and eat freshly baked cookies… or to relieve their stress in a gaily colored bouncy house. Yet they accomplished more than the current crop of college kids, coddled and catered to, will have a prayer of accomplishing, because colleges now choose to pander to their students’ feelings rather than minister to their education.


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