Friday, January 24, 2020

Democrats Become First National Party To Hate The Nation They Wish To Lead

Democrats have now officially become the first national political party to actually detest the country they wish to lead. Democrats have openly sided with America’s enemies and even sympathize with the world’s most heinous terrorists rather than take the side of the president of the United States, as can be seen by their reaction to the death of Iranian mega-terrorist Qassem Soleimani. Barack Obama must have succeeded in “fundamentally” transforming the country, because, in days of yore, this would have universally been considered a priori treason. I honestly believe, if Democrats had their way, American flags would have been ordered to fly at half-staff out of respect and appreciation for the bloodthirsty General whose death they thought would make Trump look bad. Democrats and their supporters are so crazy, they applaud white supremacists if they dis Trump, as Joy Behar on ABC’s “The View” did recently. Many in the media immediately said Trump’s drone strike on Soleimani would quite possibly cause World War III to break out. Some give the impression that they would prefer to have their characterization of the strike as “reckless” be proved correct even if it meant death and destruction on a massive scale. That’s reckless. And sick.
Former donkey party greats such as Andrew Jackson, Harry Truman, JFK, and even liberal Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan would be shocked and appalled at what the party they once led has become. The party is now the bastion of full-fledged socialists, anti-Semites, transgender-worshippers and God-haters. It respects no moral code or law, abhors tradition, the Founders-- and those who have the temerity to live in rural areas of ‘fly-over country’ (i.e. the ‘deplorables’)—and is actively aiding and abetting the abolition of American history. It tolerates no dissent from its political-correctness and is aggressively attempting to strip Americans of their Constitutionally guaranteed rights. And babies from their lives as it ironically tries to invent a “right” to abortion.
There is an old saying, that something or someone is “as American as Mom, baseball, and apple pie.” The Democrats are rapidly rewriting that phrase to better suit their Depraved New World. It will likely read, “as American as non-binary, childless attraction units, soccer, and tofu.”

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