Monday, January 20, 2020

"Evening With Canceled Women" Event Canceled

                According to a New York Post op-ed by David Marcus, the main branch of the New York Public Library canceled an event scheduled for January 17th. Why is this noteworthy? The event was titled, “Evening with Canceled Women.” (This is not a satire post and you are not reading the Babylon Bee).
                Marcus noted that the event was to be sponsored by the Women’s Liberation Front, a feminist organization that has the temerity to support a biological definition of gender. He stated, “The only plausible explanation is that the NYPL fears backlash from trans activists. That is, the women are being denied a platform over their objections to trans ideology.” He added that the event was specifically designed for women who have been the victims of “social-media bans, protests and hecklers—all for asserting the not-long-ago common view that gender is based in biological facts, not subjective feelings.” He also observed that, “In very short order, the academy, the media and the government have simply decided to overturn thousands of years of the understanding of gender, without so much as a discussion about it.”
                The event’s organizers have been forced to move the meeting to a “secret location” that will only be announced to ticket holders the day it is slated to be held, in an attempt to prevent gender-denying protesters from shutting it down.
                Society has degenerated and devolved so fast that people who wish to state the obvious, undeniable truth now have to go into hiding to do so, or risk being attacked. As Marcus pointed out, in just a matter of a few decades, the elites who control our institutions—and therefore our lives—have attempted to simply invalidate immutable laws of nature, while simultaneously suppressing any and all forms of dissent.
                The fact that the “Evening with Canceled Women” event was… canceled…by the NYPL reads like something from a Monty Python skit. The fact that it is not should be concerning to all of us. Leftists are typically blind to irony, hypocrisy, humor, subtlety and introspection. If “the science is settled” on man-caused global warming, it sure as hell is on the existence of two sexes.
                “Evening with Canceled Women—Canceled” is akin to “Procrastinator’s Anonymous Meeting Postponed.” Except that the latter is fictitious (at least to my knowledge) while the former is all too real.

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