Sunday, January 5, 2020

Democrats Race Left At Breathtaking Speed

   The speed at which the Democratic Party has moved left has been breathtaking. Just a few years ago, Hillary and Barack solemnly swore that the institution of marriage should, of course, be between one man and one woman. President Bill Clinton would not have signed legislation allowing men who “identify” as women into women’s bathrooms and locker rooms, no matter how badly he himself wanted to occupy those same spaces. Outright Socialism was not a viable political belief just a few short years ago. Now, surveys show, young people have a more favorable view of a (mythical) socialism they’ve never experienced than the capitalism that has allowed them to live a life of comfort such as no other generation in any land at any other time has ever known. This could only have occurred because the education establishment and the mainstream media are nothing more than arms of the Democratic (now Democratic-Socialist) Party. Period.
               It is a daunting task to attempt to predict/fathom what Democrats will espouse in the near future. The erstwhile Queer Liberation Party (QLP) of which Bernie Sanders recently spoke will surely be seen as a relic of conservative reactionaries rooted in white patriarchal supremacy. Bestiality Liberation might well be the next big civil rights movement. After all, “love is love.” No one can argue that point.
              “Gender fluidity” is already being joined by racial fluidity. No doubt, age and species fluidity are up next.
 Free health care, free college tuition, and free everything for illegal aliens are the talking points now. In the future, expect to hear Democrat’s pleas for mandatory, proactive cradle-to-grave care of everyone else in the world. Oh, wait. That’s kind of what we’ve been doing already.
             Republicans, had they any balls, could affect truly radical change, and for the better. All funding—every cent—to the U.N. should be immediately cut off, and the “world body” should be evicted from our shores. The National Endowment for the Arts and the National Education Association, both NEAs, should be defunded and disbanded. Every single person— of any age—that enters the U.S. illegally should be summarily deported. No ifs, ands, butts, or exceptions. Just as we should never deal with terrorists, we should never compromise our sovereignty for people who break the law coming across our borders. All federal/taxpayer funding of abortion should be halted. It cannot be a free, open, democratic republic’s policy to fund or subsidize genocide of any type. We should be pro-choice when it comes to educating our children, not when considering killing them. Students should be taught via honest, unbiased courses on America’s founding and on comparative governments, not brainwashed into supporting Marxism.
America should not be engaged in nation-building, but should always staunchly, unequivocally support freedom-loving peoples around the world, such as those in Hong Kong today.  

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