Friday, November 1, 2019

Oxford Mandates "Jazz Hands" Instead Of Applause

                The Oxford University Student Council recently approved a motion mandating that the school’s officers strongly encourage the use of “jazz hands” in lieu of clapping, the Oxford Student reported. “Jazz hands,” the British Sign language symbol for applause, refers to the rapid movement of a person’s hands back and forth in front of said person. Roisin McCallion, Oxford University’s Student Council Vice President of Welfare and Equal Opportunity (OUSCVPWEO), introduced the motion. Why? Because traditional applause could cause anxiety. The motion passed.

                Which has caused me anxiety.

                This from a school in the city that proudly survived The Blitz?

                And Oxford is the second university in formerly Great Britain to discourage the use of clapping. The University of Manchester did so in 2018. Being in the same room with a bunch of people who look like Harp seals in the throes of an epidemic seizure would be far more triggering for me than a traditional round of applause. And what about those folks without hands, you insensitive, academic louts? How are they going to feel? Moreover, as Piers Morgan noted in a tweet, the new rule excludes and marginalizes blind people.
                This is just another example of progressive lunacy, political correctness run amok.
                These institutions of higher learning-- and lower common sense—deserve neither applause nor “jazz hands” for their actions.

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