Friday, October 12, 2018

Democratic Mayor Arrested

                Jasiel F. Correia II, the Democratic mayor of Fall River, Massachusetts, was considered a rising star among the state’s Democratic Party politicians. Maybe not so much anymore.
                Correia was arrested by federal agents on October 11th on allegations that he stole nearly one quarter of a million dollars from seven people who invested in his start-up company, SnoOwl, which peddles a smartphone app that connects businesses with consumers.
                Correia allegedly spent the money on “adult entertainment, airfare, a dating service, designer clothes, hotels, jewelry, trips to casinos and a Mercedes-Benz,” according to a Washington Post report. He’s just one more Democrat who knows how to Party! The Honorable Mayor was brought up on 13 counts of wire and tax fraud, but pled not guilty to all of them. Of the charges, he told reporters it was “not my best Thursday,” and added that he is not going to resign.
                “Not my best Thursday?” That’s akin to George Custer saying that the Battle of the Little Big Horn was “not my best confrontation.” Or Napoleon stating that the Battle of Waterloo was “not my favorite fight.”
    But, what the hell, he’s a Democrat, so he is still afforded due process and the presumption of innocence.

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