Saturday, October 27, 2018

Student Says "Virginity Doesn't Even Exist"

                Anabel Costa wrote an op-ed for The Daily Nexus, the University of California Santa-Barbara’s student newspaper, in which she stated: “Over time I’ve come to realize that virginity doesn’t even exist.” Obviously in a reflective mood, she went on to share more of her wisdom with us, adding, “Ultimately, sex is culturally defined by the presence of a penis, or at least some form of penetration, and this is just wrong.” That’s a bit judgmental isn’t it, Anabel? Did you mean the definition of sex as “sexual intercourse” is wrong, or that penetration itself is wrong? Can’t be too sure about anything on college campuses these days. But, she’s got a point. What’s with all those crazy cultures around the world thinking that sex has something to do with a penis? (Or with there being cultures around the world, for that matter)? They are all in dire need of modern-day higher education! The science is settled according to Anabel: sex is in no way connected to the presence of a penis.
                Ms. Costa continued to lampoon the concept of coitus, saying, “This cultural definition makes the task of navigating the world as a queer person that much more confusing, especially for cis women having sex with other cis women.” Reading that last sentence makes navigating the world much more confusing for the rest of us.
                She added: “Sex is whatever it feels like it should be to you and your partner. Plus, virginity is made up anyway, so who really cares?” Sadly, that perfectly sums up the attitudes and beliefs of the majority of today’s college students, and progressives in general. Sex involving three transgenders, a goat, a Twister™ mat and a turkey baster is fine, but traditional missionary-position intercourse between one man and one woman is “wrong.” (Must be rape).
 And her assertion that “virginity doesn’t exist” (she probably believes it’s a white male construct) isn’t quite correct. Merriam-Webster’s first definition of virgin is: a person who has not had sexual intercourse. It’s second is: an unmarried woman devoted to religion. It’s third definition is: an absolutely chaste young woman. So, the concept of virginity clearly exists, even if there are very few virgins on campus or elsewhere. (Anabel might qualify as a virgin by the first definition, but she is among the roughly 99.9% of co-eds who certainly can’t be accurately described by the second and third definitions).
Anabel’s “so who really cares” remark may be the saddest of all. Leftist social justice warriors purport to care deeply about transgender bathrooms and cultural appropriation. (If other cultures decided they, too, wanted transgender bathrooms, would that be cultural appropriation? And, aren’t transgenders themselves appropriating another gender?). They want college to be free, but don’t care about free speech. They want to be protected from “microaggressions,” but want the right to abort their own babies. They know a lot about sex toys, but little or nothing about natural law.  They will protect the “rights” of illegal aliens, but trample on those of their more traditional fellow citizens.
They know what they wish to be true, while saying that the truth is unknowable.

We would all be far better off, if, instead of restricting speech and redefining the sexes, we started asking some penetrating questions.

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