Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Migrant Mob Approaching America

                The migrant mob of Hondurans-- and assorted other vagrants-- currently taking aim at the southern border of the United States is certainly not going out of its way to ingratiate itself with the American people whom they hope to live among.
                Protesters burned tires in front of the American embassy in Tegucigalpa, Honduras in support of the caravan. The protest was led by the organizer of the caravan itself, radical leftist Honduran politician and Hugo Chavez supporter Bartolo Fuentes. Bizarrely, members of the caravan waved Honduran flags during their march, and at the American embassy. Even worse, some of them burned American flags, one with a swastika painted on it, in front of the embassy of the country in which they claim a “right” to live. If you claim to be desperate to live in America, and desperately do not want to be sent back to your own country, why would you proudly wave your country’s banner while burning an American flag adorned with a swastika? These are not rocket scientists.
                They are all criminals or intent on becoming criminals by entering the U.S. illegally. There are young men from countries that sponsor terror among the group. The group knocked down a fence on Mexico’s southern border to enter that nation’s territory. This is nothing less than an overt, slow-motion attempt to invade a sovereign nation. These people have no interest in legally immigrating to the U.S. They have no interest in assimilating into the formerly famed American melting pot when they arrive there. Rather, they want to challenge Trump and dare border guards to apprehend them or even fire on them. This is a train wreck on schedule, albeit an entirely preventable one. If the Democrats, establishment Republicans and complicit media hadn’t convinced President Trump to cease separating families at the border in order to disincentivize illegal immigration, the current mob wouldn’t be so brazen. This was the rare occasion when Trump “backed down.” He shouldn’t have.
                Those scheming to enter the U.S. illegally in the modern era couldn’t be more different then the legal immigrants that helped populate—and build-- America in the 1800s and early 1900s. Earlier immigrants wanted only an opportunity to succeed if they worked hard enough, not a guaranteed handout. They wanted to know everything about their adopted country and to become truly American, not to force America to change its founding principles in accordance with their beliefs and whims. They often fell to the ground and kissed it upon reaching American soil. After passing citizenship tests, they would proudly raise their hands and state, “I am an American.”
                They did not burn tires in protest on Ellis Island, nor proudly wave the flags of the nations from which they were fleeing. Nor did they taunt American presidents, burn American flags or deface the Statue of Liberty.
                Countries are countries because of borders, language and culture. If everyone in the world should happen to want to immigrate to the United States, that doesn’t mean they have the “right” to do so. That would simply be a desire impossible to accommodate. It would lead not just to the destruction of the U.S., but to the collapse of civilization on the planet. Similarly, if everyone in the U.S. wished to immigrate to, say, Luxembourg or Switzerland, those nations obviously would not be obliged to accommodate them. It would be a literal impossibility.
                This current migrant mob is likely to arrive at the southern border of the U.S. just before the midterm elections of November 6th. How remarkably convenient. Maybe the pro-mob Democrats will be waiting there with voter registration materials and absentee ballots. Trump must stop this migrant mob—and the mob mentality taking hold among Democrats—if the United States is to continue to be a sovereign nation…and a representative republic.
                Yet, if he tries to do so, the media will laser-focus on every crying baby, every tearful mother, and every other staged act of martyrdom, while loudly bemoaning the heartless, uncaring bastard who is the illegitimate president of the formerly United States.
                On November 6th, the fate of a nation will be decided.

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