Sunday, October 7, 2018

Human Trafficking Apparently A Crime

                Coming back from a trip up north recently, I drove by a billboard solemnly stating: “Human Trafficking Is Against The Law.”
                The raison d’ĂȘtre for this message was not abundantly clear to me. Any person, group or entity currently engaged in illegally transporting people from one country to another for the purpose of forced labor or sexual exploitation is unlikely to see this billboard and think: “Damn, I guess I/we should stop capturing folks and selling them into slavery. Perhaps it is unethical. I/we feel shame.”
                Nor is it necessary for the powers that be to provide the vast majority of us with a helpful reminder to not consider our fellow human beings to be nothing more than chattel to do with as we please.
                What’s next for billboard messages? Will we soon witness large signboards looming over our highways stating: “Mass Murder Is A Crime,” or “Public Bestiality Is Still Against The Law, At Least In Fly-Over Country?”

                 Are we so far gone as to need gentle reminders like this?

                Those in fly-over country aren't, but the elites would rather arbitrarily impugn the "deplorables" than address the real problem(s).

                 Perhaps this sign would've been more appropriately placed nearer the Mexican border.

                As the late great Andrew Breitbart once famously remarked: “Politics is downstream from culture.” Well, government is downstream from politics. So, when a society’s culture is polluted, its politics and government are impaired, as well.

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