Wednesday, October 24, 2018

School District Apologizes For Drag Queen

                A Colorado school district has apologized to parents after hosting a drag queen as part of a career day, according to A spokesperson for Adams 12 Five Star schools said Rocky Top Middle School staff should have notified parents that a drag queen would be speaking to their children before the event took place. Seems like a reasonable assumption.
                The drag queen identifies as a woman named “Jessica L’Whor” (nice touch), and the district confirmed it invited her to attend the school’s career day. After all, what school would want to invite an accountant, fireman, doctor, or rocket scientist to talk to the kiddies about their worthless, boring occupations? And we know businessmen and policemen are persona non grata now.
                L’Whor said, “I knew it was going to be controversial because that was nothing that would be allowed when I was in middle school,” adding, “At the same time, it opened up a door for conversation.” I bet it did. “Ms. L’Whor, what’s the best part about being a drag queen? And, what’s your favorite type of underwear?”
                Predictably, district spokesperson Joe Ferdani said the staff believed L’Whor’s visit would demonstrate their inclusiveness of all people, no matter how they prefer to dress. He added: “The school’s focus is to have an event that is representative of the diverse backgrounds and careers in the community.”
                One member of the school’s staff said that the final choice of a career day speaker was between L’Whor, Alexis Texas, the tremendously popular porn star who has appeared in over 550 adult movies, Peter H. Gilmore, the current High Priest and publisher of The Black Flame, the official magazine of The Church of Satan, and Senator Diane Feinstein (D-Cal.).

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