Saturday, October 13, 2018

CNN Unhinged: Kanye West Edition

                CNN is becoming more unhinged daily. “The most trusted name in fake news” attacked rapper Kanye West for having the temerity to meet with President Trump at the White House recently, without its approval.
                CNN “personalities,” if one can call them that, repeatedly questioned West’s mental health. Van Jones opined that West is “not in a healthy place from a mental point of view, while Chris Cuomo declared that West shouldn’t be taken seriously because he once admitted to having a mental health issue.
                Cuomo, of “Let’s Get After It!” fame/ignominy, went so far as to speculate what President Trump was thinking during the meeting, deciding that it was: “Blacks love Trump!” Cuomo condescendingly added of West, “His personal history reads more as a rationale for keeping him from something like this, than indulging him.”
    Who should “keep him” from “something like this,” Chris? How? And from what other things, you arrogant asshole? You don’t think we should “indulge” him? Wow.
    CNN’s “Reliable Sources” newsletter termed West’s White House meeting with the president of the United States “sad” and highlighted commentators who had “expressed concern” for his well-being. That’s right out of the Soviet Union’s or Third Reich’s playbook: “You like this man? And you believe in him? Then we must remove you from society for your—and other’s—own good and safety. You see, we care about you, even if you aren’t fully supportive of us! The re-education camp/Siberia is very nice this time of year.” 
   April Ryan, a political analyst for the Controlling Negroes Network, even asked West’s wife’s former sex-tape partner to comment on the meeting. CNN tries incredibly hard to bring everything back around to sex tapes, adult performers, breasts, yoga-pants, porn stars, exotic dancers, the president’s penis, and women named “Stormy.”
  For his part, Don Lemon remarked that West was putting on a “minstrel show,” before adding that his late mother is “rolling over in her grave.” She may well be, Don, but not for the reason you think.
“The most busted name in news” has become a pathetic sham, a victim of its own rabid hatred of President Trump. Ironically, they have let Trump destroy them.
There is mental illness on display here. Looking at—and listening to-- the likes of Chris Cuomo, April Ryan, Don Lemon, and Rachel Maddow makes that appallingly clear.

Let’s hope the majority of these “journalists” remaining viewers turn CNN off before it drives them mad, too.

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