Monday, October 8, 2018

Columbus Day Discoveries

                I wanted to take the opportunity this Columbus Day to share with you some things I’ve discovered…since last Columbus Day. To wit:

                *There is nothing-- literally nothing-- the Democrats won’t do in their pursuit of power. There was a day not too long ago that some of their ilk at least feigned disgust or regret at the more extreme examples of egregious behavior one of their own may have committed. That day has passed, like the celebration of Columbus Day itself. Anything the mind can conceive, no matter how abhorrent, vicious or evil, they are willing to do…if they think there’s any chance they can get away with it. Tragically, due to the rapid deterioration of our culture, traditions and standards-- and the Orwellian group-think permeating virtually all of the “entertainment” industry, academia and the mainstream media, they are ever-more emboldened in their efforts to destroy the nation that Columbus accidentally discovered.
                *It appears every “celebrity” is absolutely certain the rest of us desperately need to hear what they have to say on the important issues of the day. Actors, actresses and late-night comedians, all reciting lines written by those more intelligent than themselves, believe we want to hear them pontificate, bloviate and verbally regurgitate in the vilest manner. Well, who doesn’t like listening to faux folks-- empty suits and dresses all-- attempt to condescendingly lecture them, talk down to them, and belittle them in a pathetic attempt to make themselves look and feel morally superior?
 I care, I am enlightened, I am woke!” they cry. “Let those who disagree tremble before me, humbled in the shadow of all my splendid (virtue-signaling) glory! I am Spartacus!”
*Colleges and universities throughout the U.S. have become nothing more-- or less-- than anti-American indoctrination centers. They essentially serve as Marxist, young-adult daycare providers, coddling kids and “protecting” them from ideas they don’t like or understand, while inculcating in them a disdain for traditional values, the Protestant work ethic, personal accountability, the Ten Commandments, limited government and the rule of law.
*We are now, knowingly or not, engaged in a Second American Civil War. This battle has, until recently, been a “cold” one, but has increasingly been fought as a “hot” or physical one by radical leftists. Whether the United States survives as a country true to its founding and recognizable by its Founders depends on the character and courage of those the left is attacking with such fierceness. The only nation ever to be based on the idea of “limited government of, by, and for the people,” with “inalienable rights granted by the Creator,” is in grave—indeed existential—danger.

What was found, can be lost. What was discovered, can disappear.

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