Thursday, October 11, 2018


                “Cis” might be the only literally meaningless word—or prefix—in the English language. Originally a Latin prefix, it has been shamelessly appropriated by the anti-appropriation, politically-correct mob, and attached to various gender-related words such as…gender.
                “Cisgender,” a term for the hopelessly traditional, is used by the enlightened to label—and smear-- those that preposterously identify as the gender that they actually, scientifically, are. Therefore “cis-male” means exactly the same thing as…”male,” and the designation “cis-female” is no different than that of “female.”
                Ergo, a reference to a “cis-sis” would simply be acknowledging a sister. “Cis-alcoholic” would mean “alcoholic,” “cis-Jewish” would mean Jewish, and “cis-autistic” would mean autistic.

                This is ridiculous! Or should I say “cis-ridiculous?”

                In fact, it’s all cis-meaningless.

                And cis-moot.

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