Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Right To Try

                Clarity: in 2018 America, there is a “right to die” party and a “right to try” party. Think of that. At minimum, this must necessarily be divisive, as these mindsets are, by definition, of life and death importance…and will utterly shape the worldview of those who possess them.
                Democrats continually push to legalize assisted suicide and protect and expand “abortion rights.” Well, if you can’t prevent them from being born, you can at least try to kill ‘em early!
                President Trump just signed into law a bill that would allow those diagnosed with terminal illnesses to bypass the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and try experimental treatments. The “Right to Try Act of 2017,” sponsored by Wisconsin Republican Ron Johnson, passed the House of Representatives last week on a party-line vote of 250 to 169, after unanimously passing the Senate last August. Upon signing the bill, the president said: “As I proudly sign this bill, thousands of Americans will have the help, the hope and the fighting chance—and I think it’s going to be better than chance—that they will be cured, that they will be helped, that they will be able to be with their families for a long time, or maybe just for a longer time. But we’re able to give them the absolute best we have at this current moment, at this current second. We’re going to help a lot of people. It’s an honor to be signing this.”  Touching sentiments, indeed.   
                Trump’s action would, at worst, seem to be uncontroversial, especially given that the FDA drug approval process can take up to 15 years. But Democrats claim the bill peddles “false hope,” and may place patients “at risk.” Research groups, and some groups purportedly representing patients have deemed the legislation “unsafe.” “False hope” is fake news. Unsafe? May place these patients at risk?! Holy-bleeping-bleep-ass-cow!! They’re already nearly certain to die soon or they wouldn’t be seeking experimental new treatments!
                To recap, Democrats will make sure the elderly and terminally ill have the option to die quickly-- if artificially-- but think it is too “risky” to allow them to try new drugs that may or may not help them live longer. Too risky for whom? There are no words to adequately describe this madness…or evil.
                Democrats incessantly try to legalize marijuana and other illicit drugs, saying things like, “Hey, pot might have health benefits, man,” or “Give the addicts a safe place to shoot up and provide them with clean needles, it’s the humane thing to do.” But they are firmly against letting people use potentially life-saving drugs. Unbelievable. This is akin to saying: “We’ll shoot you in the head if you like, but we don’t want to allow you to have access to a gun, because that would be too risky.”
                That we don’t know if the Right To Die Party or the Right To Try Party will ultimately prevail is unspeakably sad.

                Last I checked, we all have the right to sigh.


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