Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Hate Speech Or Free Speech?

 College Republicans at Minnesota’s St. Cloud State University erected a free speech wall on which were phrases such as: “Defund Planned Parenthood,” “Support Our Police,” “Give Freedom A Chance,” “Make America Great Again,” “Support Our Troops,” and “In God We Trust.” Naturally, these abhorrent notions infuriated many of the school’s students, scores of whom confronted the College Republicans at a campus meeting called to address the “controversy.” The angry young scholars labeled the wall’s contents “hate speech,” and said that it “invokes violence.” The wall’s contents didn’t invoke violence, leftist students invoke violence. Leftist protesters engage in violence. One student even took to a microphone to state, “Hate speech should not be covered under the First Amendment. It should not.”
The crowd clapped and cheered.
The student continued, calling out to the crowd, “Is speech that invokes violence, is that covered under the First Amendment?”
“No,” many cried in response.
The tragic— and scary— crux of the matter is that, to leftists, “hate speech” is anything uttered or written with which they disagree. But, of course, that is precisely why freedom of speech is a must for a free and democratic society, and why the Founders enshrined it as a mandatory requirement for this republic. What if the reverse were true, and conservatives believed that any talk of atheism, abortion, gay rights, and transgender bathrooms was “hate speech” and should not be tolerated? What if the words “bunny” or “elevator” invoked violence in some folks? Should those words then be banned? If I were in power should I be able to label anything with which I disagree “hate speech?” Got it?
But, in reality, as of now, it is only leftists that are serially offended by almost anything, and who wish to ban words, thoughts or actions of all those that don’t think like they do. They wish to disparage—and destroy—tradition…all of the world’s hard-won historical blueprints and best practices for successfully moving into the future.
In doing so they mistake change for progress, and nihilism for enlightenment.

If they prevail, they will, ironically, sentence us all to a new Dark Age.

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