Sunday, May 20, 2018

Legalize Prostitution

             Many activities that used to be illegal- or at least frowned upon- are being legalized and codified lately: gay marriage, smoking pot, and assisted suicide among them. (And the reverse is also true: many that used to be legal and admired, such as telling the truth, are now frowned upon or illegal). So, perhaps it’s time we legalized prostitution, as well. I mean, it is the oldest profession, right? What could be the harm? Besides, it’s only a matter of a few short years before everyone will own a sex-bot and the whole issue will be moot.
 Pimps and brothels could then be properly regulated, and put under EEOC guidelines. They wouldn’t be able to discriminate on the basis of looks, disability or age. How great would that be?! They’d have to have a certain percentage of ugly employees and a certain percentage of octogenarians. They’d have a set quota of paraplegics, as well as male and female employees. And transgenders, too. Can you imagine the advertisements they’d need to employ, as now legal businesses, to be competitive in today’s rapidly changing society? “Come on down to ‘Denny’s Den O’ Diversity,’ where we’ve got all your tastes covered. Denny’s, because sometimes you feel like nuts, sometimes you don’t. And remember, Armand and Joy got nuts, Lars don’t!”

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