Tuesday, May 1, 2018

MSNBC Host Joy Reid Apologizes

                MSNBC host Joy Reid recently apologized for her anti-LGBT blog posts. To augment and buttress her public contrition, she invited LGBT-positive guests on her Saturday, April 28th radio program.
                One of those guests was activist Brandon Wolf. Mr. Wolf informed Reid and her audience that “homophobic psychopaths” are “running the United States government today.” He also asserted that should Vice-President Mike Pence ever become President Mike Pence, he would put “gay people” in “concentration camps.” Here is Brandon crying wolf: “If Mike Pence, God bless him, ended up in the White House, sitting behind that desk in the Oval Office, he would have us all in concentration camps hoping to pray away the gay. That’s what we’re actually up against.”
                Actually, it’s not.
    It’s what those of us who don’t believe in gay marriage and all-gender bathrooms and locker rooms are up against. Conservatives are mocked, blocked, demonetized or banned outright by the giant social media gate keepers. They are routinely prevented from speaking on campuses across the nation, the victims of endless vitriol from “comedians” and entertainers, and singled out for baseless retribution by government agencies like the IRS. The mainstream media bashes those who don’t cotton to the “social justice warrior’s” every demand and whim, and some of us are even physically assaulted for having the temerity to, say, wear a hat stating, “Make America Great Again.” Schools indoctrinate our youngsters in the cult of “LGBT Pride” at ever younger ages. The rest of us have to call those obviously male or female “they” or “zir” or whatever else is in vogue at the moment, or risk being reprimanded or fined. Yet, you get to call us names. And you also get to prance around in special parades, in some cases genitalia bared for all to see, touting that “Pride,” while others give you a pass or applaud your every move.
  No, America and Mike Pence aren’t going to put you in concentration camps. Stating something so stupendously asinine only hurts your case…if that’s even possible here in the U.S., Mr. Wolf. Hitler did put people in concentration camps. Radical Islamists do stone gays to death. President Trump doesn’t and won’t and would consider the idea sick and absurd. So would a President Pence, you unprecedented fool.
Wolf tepidly tried to walk back his preposterous remarks the next day, tweeting: “For the record, I meant to say ‘conversion’ camps. But if you ask survivors of conversion therapy about their experiences...I’m not sure how far off I was.” He added, “Also, it’s Sunday morning and Mike Pence is still a homophobe.”
Perhaps Joy Reid experienced an abbreviated version of “conversion camp.”

Who’s afraid of the Brandon Wolfs?
We all should be.

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