Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Facebook Follies

                London’s The Daily Telegraph reports that researchers analyzed the Facebook activities of a thousand Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) supporters in 96 countries and found that they were routinely introduced to other radical Islamists through the “suggested friends” feature. The massive social media entity has already been accused of failing to remove terrorist material from its platform, while simultaneously barring or shadow-banning conservative content. Now we know it has been actively connecting ISIL cheerleaders with ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) wannabes around the world, aiding and abetting them in developing terror networks and recruiting new members to the cause.
                So, buck up Terry Terrorist! Reach out and touch someone Bob the Butcher! Let your fingers do the walking Mark the Maimer!
                “Good news, Vlad the Impaler! Jenna Jihadist sent you a friend request!”
                “Angel of Death, you have two new friend requests: Pete the Plunderer and Allie Assassin want to be friends with you on FaceBook. Confirm or delete requests, please.”
                “Facebook: we are the resource for helping you find and connect with your fellow MS-13 sympathizers, axe-murderers, terrorists, anarchists, devil-worshippers, and other progressive and exciting members of the World Community.”
   (“Please note: we are no longer hosting Christians, conservatives, NRA members, right-of-center independent bakers, or Climate Deniers). ‘Be connected. Be discovered. Be on FaceBook.’ (Except, again, for the aforementioned hate groups”).

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