Sunday, May 20, 2018

Abortion As Comedy

                “Ctrl Alt Del” is a new, scripted “comedy” series available on Facebook. Is the plot of this web series related to computing? Why, of course not. Perish the thought! It is about abortion (speaking of “perishing”). Delete? You know, just the routine, clinical erasing of life. Just hit the “backspace” button and the error is voided.
                The series’ creators, Roni Geva and Margaret Katch, say they are seeking to “normalize” abortion through jokes. The seven-part narrative takes place at a Midwestern abortion clinic, utilizing real women’s stories. Geva and Katch actually labeled the web series “an abortion comedy.”
                The show’s Facebook page tells their tale, stating: “When we had our abortions, we looked to the media for stories to relate to and found a whole lot of nothing. So we decided to change the narrative.” The idea for the “show” stemmed from Geva reflecting on how “judgey” she once was toward a woman who had had many abortions. “Ctrl Alt Del” currently has an 8.1 rating (out of a maximum possible 10) on The Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB), yet more proof that the left revels in depravity while savaging those who dare to hold traditional values.
                Do the insanely hypocritical animals (yes, animals, mainstream media!) that think abortion is just another valid form of birth-control (for the lazy, careless and promiscuous), typically find mass school shootings humorous, as well? And, really, what are school shootings but very late-term abortions?
                Perhaps we are missing the proverbial boat here. Maybe there are more opportunities to create jocular television and web programming. Let’s all think seriously now. Can there be anything more hilarious than abortion? How about plague? Widespread famine? Nuclear war? Genocide?
                Apparently, sickeningly, there are people out there saying, “A comedy series about abortion sounds too good to be true! What’s the Katch, Margaret?”  But no one can “change the narrative” on mass-murder. No one can “normalize” infanticide.
                Perhaps we were a bit too “judgey” toward Hitler and the Holocaust?
                This past week we have seen many in the mainstream media and the Democratic Party side with terrorists who chant “Death to America,” a mass-murdering dictator, and a Satanically vicious gang, MS-13, against the president of the United States and everyday Americans.
                The politically-correct Progressive crowd believes that stating “All Lives Matter” is a worse offense than depriving someone of life. They believe that calling those who rape, maim and kill for fun “animals” is a greater crime than the raping, maiming or killing.
President Trump seems willing to stand up to the swamp-dwellers, the terrorists, the murdering animals. The rest of us? Not so much.

                The “Spark of Divinity” grows dim in us all.   

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