Thursday, May 10, 2018

Media Mendacity

CNN: “More Stormy Daniels news to come…stay tuned!”

The DOW at record or near-record highs.

MSNBC: “Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti said today…”

Countless companies giving their employees bonuses, some in the thousands of dollars.

CBS: “This may lend some credibility to the claim that Trump was in a hotel room in Russia with hookers.”

Trump and Kim Jong-un to meet in an historic attempt to reach an agreement on achieving the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, and possible rapprochement.

NBC: “Trump is seen as a white supremacist by many, if not most, African-Americans…”

The lowest black unemployment rate in documented history.

ABC: “Trump is considered a textbook misogynist by various women’s groups.”

The lowest unemployment rate among women in recorded history.

CNN: “Stay tuned for more with Stormy Daniels!”

Job openings at record numbers. For the first time ever, there are approximately as many open jobs as there are unemployed people in the United States. Usually, there are nearly twice as many unemployed folks than jobs to be filled.

The New York Times: “Trump’s policies hurting blue states?”

More gays and transgenders in elected office than ever before.

The Washington Post: “Trump a pathological liar?”

North Korea released three American prisoners. Upon arriving home, they were met at Joint Base Andrews, around 2:00 am, by President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump.

CNN: “Just ahead: Stormy Daniels and her lawyer!”

President Trump pulls the U.S. out of the Iran Nuclear Agreement, the worst “deal” in the history of nations, an agreement that would have guaranteed the world’s number one sponsor of terror nuclear weapons within a decade, conceivably saving Israel and preventing a future nuclear holocaust between Middle Eastern countries.

MSNBC: “Trump is said to drink numerous diet sodas every day, loves McDonald’s food, leading to a high BMI. Despite preposterous doctor’s claims, can he be healthy?”

President Trump vows to fix the Veteran’s Administration and make things better for those who’ve served.

NBC: “Trump’s claim of ‘fake news ’is itself fake.”

Studies show between 91% and 95% of stories pertaining to Trump on the mainstream media outlets are negative.

MSNBC: “After the savage raid on his former physician’s office came to light, we now know Trump took Propecia…a drug supposedly to prevent hair loss!”

President Trump has kept more of his campaign promises than almost any other candidate in American history. And this after less than two years on the job.

Huffington Post: “It’s clear to anyone that trump has small hands. Just sayin’.”

Trump has nominated sober, mature people with a knowledge of the Constitution—and the concept of Constitutionality-- to become Supreme Court Justices. People who will not try to legislate from the bench, whatever their beliefs.

CNN: “Tonight! An exclusive chat with the inimitable Stormy Daniels! Don’t miss it!”

The GDP growth rate has increased significantly, and the actual GDP is the highest ever.

Salon: “Is Trump deranged?”

ISIS is nearly wiped out. Fewer than 1,000 fighters remain in Iraq and Syria.

CNN: “More from Stormy Daniels in just a moment!”

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