Monday, May 7, 2018

Minnesota State Senators Repulsed By "In God We Trust"

                Republican Sen. Dan Hall, representing Minnesota’s 56th district, recently sponsored a bill that would allow schools to display a poster with the words “In God We Trust.” Hall told “Fox & Friends” that he hoped the proposed bill, which would utilize private funds to pay for the posters, would help bring respect back to schools.
                “I only assume that if you take those things out of government, if you take the things that are respectful out, you’re going to put in something different. We need to bring respect back to our country,” Hall said.
                However, two of Minnesota’s Democratic state senators, Scott Dibble and John Marty, are strongly opposed to the bill. Both argue that the posters could be viewed as “offensive.” Certainly by Dibble and Marty: “The money in my wallet has to say ‘In God We Trust.’ I think that’s offensive,” Marty said on the State Senate floor, Fox News reported.
                The Dynamic Democratic Duo are also browned off that schools in Minnesota have to fly an American flag and are required to recite the Pledge of Allegiance once a week.

Writer’s embellishment:
                Marty added that the presence of “E Plurubus Unum” on coins also “pisses me off,” while Dibble said he is offended by the word “Liberty.” Another Democratic state senator said that she was “outraged” by the term “Annuit Coeptis,” found above the Great Seal on American currency, though she admitted she “didn’t really know what it means.”

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