Thursday, May 17, 2018

Minnesota Vikings To Hold LGBTQ Summit

                The Minnesota Vikings recently announced that they will become the first National Football League team to host a summit on LGBTQ inclusion in sports, according to the Twin Cities’ KSTP-TV. The conference will be held at the team’s sparkling new headquarters in Eagan on June 21st. A reception will be held after the meeting, to raise money for local and national LGBTQ organizations. The team says it wants to utilize this gay gala to create opportunities for people in the LGBTQ Community. Kevin Warren, the Vikings chief operating officer, remarked: “We hope that this really jump-starts the conversation.”
                Is that a “conversation” that needs to be “jump-started?” You can’t pick up a newspaper without reading about transgender rights, can’t turn on a television without your eyeballs being awash in gayness, can’t watch a current Hollywood movie without vicariously engaging in lesbianism. And urban papers, plays, “interpretive dance performances” (and other forms of “art”) are utterly suffused with homosexual, bisexual and various non-binary and questioning characters and behavior. Gay “Pride!” parades are ubiquitous. Drag queens are reading to our kids…in elementary school. Moreover, “Dick and Jane” have been cashiered in favor of “Heather Has Two Mommies.” On the boob-tube, “Father Knows Best” has been replaced by “Will & Grace,” a show that is certainly inclusive of willys, but one totally devoid of grace. If “Leave it to Beaver” were made today, it would have an entirely different plot-line, though it might still air in prime-time.
                I Googled, “gay characters on television” and these are a few of the actual results: “53 Queer TV Shows To Stream On Netflix,” “57 Netflix Shows With Awesome Gay Characters,” and “Best Gay, Homosexual Couples on Teen Television Shows, TV Series.” (Emphasis mine). Parallel searches revealed no listings for “Awesome Heterosexual Characters,” or even “Somewhat Okay Straight Characters.”
                So, the Vikings (of Minnesota) will now be associated with a different kind of pillaging and plundering: “Oooh, Hagar, you savage, come and get me!” “Ragnar, your Gjallarhorn is to die for!” Perhaps they’ll dress up their mostly purple uniforms with a touch of orange or a splash of pink. If the team is truly committed to touting the LGBTQ Community it could place a rainbow flag patch on the shoulders—or crotches—of all its players.
Political correctness is a tragic farce, albeit it a malignantly militant one. It won’t be long until NFL teams start renaming—or “rebranding”-- themselves. Even the Heartland of the U.S. isn’t immune to this illness, as the Minnesota Vikings have just illustrated. How long until the NFL includes teams named, the “Chicago Bares,” “Dallas Urban Cowboys” and Green Bay “FudgePackers?”
“Stroll, Vikings, let’s not be tame. Stroll, Vikings, you could be dames. Go, Vikings, we all wanna score. You’ll hear us all yell for more! Oooh!”

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