Sunday, May 6, 2018

Collegiate Crisis

                                                            Collegiate Crisis
                The College Fix reports that the concept of “free speech” is so controversial on college campuses that at Harvard University (you may have heard of it) a student club removed the phrase from an event name so that it would be more likely to be approved by administrators. A Harvard Libertarian Club board member told the site that club members were “walking around eggshells” to keep its events from being shut down.
                In order to counter extremist narratives and authoritarian institutions, the club partnered with Ideas Beyond Borders to host an event, on April 19th, defending human rights and promoting “the free exchange of ideas.” (I doubt they put “free exchange of ideas” on any material advertising the event, either).
   So, on today’s college campuses, a group needs to get “permission” to host an event discussing free speech, and to do so must avoid using the term “free speech.” God help us. Oops, sorry…can’t say “God” on campus. To wit (also per The College Fix):
  TFP (Tradition, Family, Property) Student Action, a national network of young Catholics, recently placed pro-traditional marriage signs at five “Catholic” colleges: Loyola University Maryland, Georgetown, Notre Dame of Maryland University, Villanova and St. Joseph’s. The group wanted to see what, if anything, would happen to the signs, which stated “God’s Marriage= 1 Man + 1 Woman.”
 On every single campus, the signs were quickly removed, trashed or vandalized, literally within a few minutes, mostly by students, some by faculty or staff. John Ritchie, TFP’s director of student action, said via interview with The College Fix: “When the signs went up…the reaction was immediate. I don’t think one lasted more than 10 minutes.”
TFP members later went back to some campuses and put up pro-gay, marriage equality signs. A news release from the group noted that those signs remained virtually untouched.
Matthew Miller, a TFP volunteer who oversaw the project, stated in that release: “Just the sight of the name of God and God’s plan for marriage is considered intolerable by students who think tolerance is a dogma.”
Every other society in history that has reached this point, this level of decadence and hubris, and that has ridiculed the very notion of God, has come apart nearly as fast as the pro-traditional marriage signs on these "Catholic" campuses.
If colleges still taught Latin and the classics, perhaps they’d understand the relevance of the phrase, “Et tu, Brute?”

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